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NASA Is Asking K-12 Students To Suggest Name For Its Mars 2020 Rover

The Mars 2020 rover of NASA is starting to take shape. The crews, earlier this month, positioned some of its legs and 6 wheels. At present, the rover requires a name, and for that, the space agency is turning to students. NASA, starting in fall 2019, will conduct a countrywide “Name the Rover” competition open to K-12 students in the United States. A name will be required by the spacecraft by July 2020, when it is anticipated to liftoff.

The competition is a section of ongoing effort of NASA to connect with the community in its Moon to Mars mission that will hunt for indications of microbial life, exemplify the planet’s geology & climate, and make route for human exploration. If one isn’t a K-12 student but aspires to get engaged, the agency is also allowing applications to review the contest submissions.

If one aspires to go a step ahead, they can take part in the agency’s “Send Your Name” drive. Your moniker will be imprinted into a dime-sized chip and hurled to space. In response, you will receive a memorial “boarding-pass.” The launch of the rover is still over a year away and there is a good likelihood NASA will come up with more approaches to get engaged in the meantime.

Likewise, Curiosity, Mars rover of NASA, has had a hectic weekend. Following the discovery of highest methane levels yet observed last weekend of on Mars, NASA put a halt on the other science activities of the rover to follow-up on the finding. Subsequently, information from Curiosity’s latest test filtered back to the agency and the rise in methane levels had vanished, falling to background levels. As the news of surprising discovery by Curiosity surfaced over the weekend, several proposed the high methane can suggest at the likelihood of life on the Red Planet.

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