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Beyond Meat Has Its Meat-substitute In A Snag Over Allergic Reaction Issues

Beyond Meat who was the first to make the Beyond Burger, which is a plant-based meat alternative that appears and tastes exactly like beef and it is usually sold at Whole Foods and many of the restaurant chains such as TGI Friday’s and Carl’s Jr. These burgers do not contain any peanuts. Thus, people with food allergies can happily relish their burgers. The burger contains ingredients such as pea-protein isolates and many more plant-based substances and still fails to mention them or give any allergy warnings. The people with peanut allergies have already raised concern over not seeing any warning signs in the food outlets despite such massive burger advertisements.

Beyond Meat’s concept was advertised all across the globe on the windows, doors, mats, grounds, shirts, and more. The current concern over the allergy warnings has not yet been answered by Beyond Meat. The people have advised adding a cautionary label to the packaging or on the website so as to avoid any future health cases. The cautionary language should be placed below the ingredient list so that the people can immediately see the information printed on the food package. As per the FDA, the “CONTAINS” statement has all the allergy-related information provided.

The pea-protein isolate was found to give the set of reactions that the normal pea allergens would give. The allergic people faced the same set of reactions and Beyond Meat was forced to look into the matter as soon as possible so as to avoid any serious after effects. According to Dietitian Sharon Zarabi from Lenox Hill Hospital, the pea-protein isolate which is used as a meat substitute is highly concentrated and potent and is the reason that triggers the allergic reaction. The National Restaurant Association has advised customers to let the organization know about their allergies so that the necessary solution is found. The IPO of Beyond Meat has reached $240 Million that is lower than the expected $1.5 Billion. It has been assumed that in the future the lab-grown meat would achieve $140 Billion as the other firms will contribute up to 10% share of the $1.4 Trillion meat market.

Jacqueline Curry
Sr. Content Editor & Writer At Global Industry Wire

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