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As Threats Grow, The U.S. Arms Makers Witness Booming European Demand

The U.S. arms makers proclaimed that the European requirement for fighter planes, missile defenses, as well as other weapons is increasing fast along with intensified distress about Iran and Russia. This year, the U.S. Government sent a team of extremely high-ranking officials to the Paris Airshow. Reportedly, this team also included Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary. In this Airshow, approximately 400 U.S. firms were showcasing equipment as Iran and the U.S. neared open conflict in the Persian Gulf.

Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other weapons makers proclaimed that at the biennial air show they had witnessed accelerating requirement for U.S. weapons despite growing trade tensions between Europe and the U.S. Rick Edwards, Head, International Division, Lockheed, proclaimed that prior to two Paris air shows there were not lots of orders. He added that at present the fastest growth market for Lockheed Martin in the world is Europe.

On a similar note, BAE Systems came into the news as it has offered contracts to Boeing. Reportedly, Boeing is supposed to provide IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) system and the VMC (Vehicle Management Control) system for the MQ-25 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The VMC system is supposed to organize the operational and management control duties for the MQ-25. At the same time, when using the UAV in contested airspace, the IFF system will assist to unfailingly spot coalition and foe aircraft.

Corin Beck, Director, Military Aircraft Systems, BAE Systems, proclaimed, “BAE Systems leads the industry in high-integrity fly-by-wire and mission-critical IFF technologies.” He proclaimed that the firm’s relationship with Boeing began over four decades ago. This partnership has resulted in aircraft that holds a few of the most superior avionics and compact size transponders in the world. The MQ-25 is said to be the U.S. Navy’s foremost operational carrier-based unmanned aircraft.

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