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SpaceX To Test Its Reusable Starhopper Spacecraft This Week

This week, US-based space transportation services company, SpaceX is going to test its Starhopper spacecraft for the Starship project. Under this project, the company aims to design a reusable spacecraft for transporting cargo and conducting trips for passengers in space. The company expects to begin use Starship at a commercial level from 2021.

SpaceX is going to conduct the third launch test of the Starhopper spacecraft. According to the company, in the previous two tests, the spacecraft lifted slightly. Now, the spacecraft is again equipped with the Raptor engine for the beginning of next testing phase.

In this test, the engineers will launch the Starhopper almost 20 Meters above the launch pad by igniting the engines at the rate of over 50%. SpaceX conducted a similar test for its Grasshopper rocket years back. In that hop test, the company launched the spacecraft up to the height of 840 feet and landed it back vertically.

From the past several years, SpaceX has been using reusable Falcon 9 rocket for several commercial launches, which is an advanced form of Grasshopper spacecraft prototype.

Elon Musk has already announced the fourth hover test for its Starhopper spacecraft, in which the company would conduct a vertical launch at the height of 12 Miles in the coming few months.

On a similar note, a few months back, the globally-establish multiple businesses handling company, Amazon, indicated to add one more business into its existing list of businesses. The company is following the track on which SpaceX is going. Amazon plans to launch its internet satellite constellation in the coming years. As the company has filed its application with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), we could acquire more information regarding the company’s plan for this project.

Amazon has mentioned in the application that it would launch a constellation of 3,236 internet satellites in its orbit. However, SpaceX’s Starlink system expects to launch nearly 12,000 broadband satellites into its orbit in the coming few years.

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