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France’s Air Force To Get A New Space Command

Before the Bastille Day celebration last week, Emmanuel Macron (French President) declared the foundation of a space command that might be fraction of the nation’s Air Force, as per media reports.

President Macron addressed the military personnel, claiming that the space command might be accountable for protecting the nation’s satellites, and that it might legitimately be established in September 2019. He claims that the Air Force will ultimately be renamed as Space and Air Force. It seems as though this new command will restore the current Joint Space Command of the France, which is already accountable for current space assets of the nation, and working together with the militaries of other European countries.

While it has the 3rd-oldest space organization, France has started to aim in recent years more on space. As per media, the nation aims to invest 3.6 Billion Euros from 2019 to 2025. And in December last year, it rolled out the CS0-1, a new military reconnaissance satellite, with more to follow in the years to come.

In late years, a number of nations have started to distinguish space as a distinct “region” of warfare—a distinct concept or location where warfare can happen, such as sea, land, space, or air, or inside digital systems. This command seems to be France’s response to dealing with the issues that space-borne military transportation possibly brings.

On a related note, the chief of human exploration program at NASA has been restored inside the organization. This comes just months after Mike Pence (Vice President) challenged the agency to send people to the Moon within the coming 5 Years. The decision is the newest in a couple of high-profile executive modifications that the agency has made in late months as the organization strives to return people to the surface of the moon.

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