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Scientists Bringing 3-D Holograms Astronomy To Life

Reportedly, the scientists working on untangling the obscurities of star cluster formation have discovered a new way of sharing their work with the public. Taking motivation from a 19th Century magic ploy, scientists from the UOL (University of Leeds) have designed 3-D holograms that let people observe gigantic stars forming in front of their eyes. Dr. Anne Buckner would be illustrating the holograms at the RAS’s (Royal Astronomical Society) National Astronomy Meeting, Lancaster. She explained, “Our research aims at how huge stars form. It is inherently a conceptual and complex subject to non-experts, so we advanced the 3-D holograms to aid in explaining it in an easy to comprehend and visually engaging way.”

Supported by a 2-Year STFC’s (Science and Technology Facilities Council) Public Engagement SPARKS award, the research team developed a 1-Hour workshop that takes participants through the narrative of star formation—by using presentation slides and holograms—and then elucidates how the hologram technology functions. The holograms are formed by utilizing an upside-down Perspex pyramid positioned on a 65-Inch monitor that presents a specially formatted video. Additionally, the 65-Inch monitor for occurrences at the UOL, a “travel-sized” version of the kit—having a 32-Inch monitor—permits the research team to take their study to schools, public events, and conferences.

On a similar note, recently, scientists created 3D Holograms by utilizing normal ink on printed materials. A start-up from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has generated images that—in certain angles—appear holographic using regular ink. Soon, Portico Brewery would be releasing 5,000 revamped cans of Fuzzy Logic beer that attribute two-dimensional prints that look 3D. The unique cans were the outcome of Portico Brewery’s partnership with Lumii, the firm that came up with the technology that could form 3D images without utilizing special lenses and films.

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