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Apollo Astronaut Says He Almost Killed Himself On The Moon In 1972

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon. As the second major approaches, Apollo astronauts cross the planet Earth to discuss and enjoy the history of NASA.

On a fresh incident, with these astronauts at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in New York, Charlie Duke, who operated the moon landing module on Apollo 16, told what he believes as the second most frightening incident of his life.

“We were in 1972 and the Munich Olympics would be that year, so we were going to participate in the” Olympics on the Moon, “said Duke, who was the youngest to run for 36 lunar years.

However, Duke did not practice the transfer of keys in his heavy space suit. This led to a careless fall which, according to him, would have crossed the only barrier between him and the vacuum, which could have killed him.

Charlie Duke, who walked the moon on NASA’s Apollo 16 mission, is following a space suit at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in New York. The swimsuit was used to train the entire program in the area.

At the Cradle of Aviation Museum, the location of one of the three remaining moon landers, handful astronauts were interviewed.

We asked them what they thought of President Donald Trump’s plan to put people back on the moon in 2024 and what they imagined was Earth’s immense “Apollo moment.”

We also asked every astronaut to tell a relatively unknown story about the missions. One of Duke’s tales, which is described in detail in his 1990 “Moonwalker” ebook, is remarkable.

Duke said he and his commander, John Younger, were determined to use the last minutes of a spacewalk to overcome many of the achievements of human athletics on Earth. It’s viable; In fact, lunar gravity is only a sixth of Earth’s.

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