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FedEx Sues US Over Mandatory Checking Of Huawei Shipments

FedEx has already been blamed of diverting shipments of Huawei, and it is not eager on addressing more complaints. The service has taken legal action against the US Commerce Department (comprising Assistant Secretary Nazak Nikakhtar and Secretary Wilbur Ross) to pardon itself of the requirement to observe packages for possible export breaches by other companies including Huawei. It disputed that the need not only breached the protections of the Constitution for due process, but was technically impracticable considering the scale of operations by FedEx.

The firm manages almost 15 Million packages daily, as per the complaint, and it might be a “virtually impracticable job” to examine all of them. It may sometimes breach privacy laws and rights. And without secure harbor guards, FedEx thinks it is in a no-win situation where it either jeopardize “immediate” penalties and fines from the US or agreements with the anger of its own customers and foreign governments.

FedEx did not mention Huawei in the lawsuit by name, even though there is little doubt that the Chinese firm is the center of the case. Huawei’s placement on the Entity List of Commerce Department, which bans US firms from conducting business without explicit approval, obliged various businesses to either sever connections with the firm or remain on guard similar to how FedEx has.

On a related note, FedEx and Walgreens earlier declared an association that will offer next-day deliveries of prescription drug from Walgreens pharmacies. The deal will be accessible countrywide for Walgreens users and will have a price tag of $4.99 per drop off. Walgreens claimed that some markets will have the alternative for same-day delivery, and the firm aims to extend that service in 2020.

In order to take benefit of the delivery service offered via FedEx, you will have to be registered from Walgreens in text alerts. The service sends a text to the users when their prescriptions are available.

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